Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What is really going on here? Terror attack on French magazine 1/7/2015

Good morning! 

As I climb out of bed, and turn on the T.V., this is what comes across my screen:

Terror attack on French magazine

As I watch CNN, in their classic way, using words strategically placed on the news prompter. 

I then find myself to start looking on line, to get an idea of what is being said. While on my hunt, for truth, I come across a few things. 

Let me start with this video I watched:

When watching this, at 6:35 into the video, I noticed this in the back ground:

Who it that in the back ground? It sure is strange how they are in all black.... 
I found it very strange! 

Moving on, I noticed, CNN stating "no one has been caught." However, they recovered the car, the gunmen used?! Really?! I find this very strange, as well:

While talking this all in, I have to wonder.... 

Is this an attempt to show the people, if you choose to practice your freedom of speech, actions will be taken! 

What are your thoughts. 

Until next time
Don't be
Blind To The Truth

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