Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 - Man Oh Man .....

As I have taken some time away (not to far away) to get some things in order, I notice some craziness going on. Let talk a bit about the Economist 2015 cover.

What is really going on in this picture?  
My fellow "Truthers" have done some awesome videos on it. 
All around we are being told.... something.

What's that you say? Oh, there is nothing being told in this picture?! Let us explore the 2014 cover, shall we?! 

If looking back over the 2014 picture, everyone in their own boxes, were in the news, and played a big part in 2014. Leading me to believe, we were told, then and there, who to watch in the year to come. 

Now with the new 2015 picture, I believe we are being told what is to come for the year of 2015. 
They have made their marks in 2014, and 2015 they will make their moves. Question is.... What are the moves?!

The picture shows a lot of things you can read into. One thing that stands out is the missile, and mushroom cloud in the back ground. Who fires the missile?
Where is the missile aimed?
Who ever shoots it, or where ever it is heading, it's a scary thought! 

The Economist is no strangers to strange drawing. The 2015 calendar is full of strangeness: 

So I say Happy New Year to you and yours. 
It seems as though this year has a lot in store! 

Until next time, 
Don't Be
Blind To The Truth

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