Thursday, November 6, 2014

Uncurbed Sectarianism Prompted Village Attack Say Saudi Shi'ites

On Monday Sunni militants attacked a Shi'ite Muslim village in Saudi Arabia and left eight people dead. By Wednesday, grief among the villagers was mixed with anger about a culture of sectarianism they say paved the way for the shooting.
With civil wars in Iraq and Syria now being fought along mainly sectarian lines, Saudi Arabia's Shi'a minority feels increasingly vulnerable in a country where anger is rising among the majority sect at the plight of Sunnis in other countries.
Sunni jihadis now speak about Shi'ites as a greater enemy to members of their sect than the Western governments that were formerly their most hated foes. The Saudi government has done little to stem a corresponding upsurge of provocative language there, cracking down on only extreme examples and emphasizing a shared national identity irrespective of sect.

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