Friday, October 31, 2014

Heavy Explosion in Paris Headquarters "Radio France" in flames

At the headquarters of the French radio station 
"Radio France" a fire broke out on Friday. 
A correspondent of the channel "France 3" according to reports
"FranceTVInfo" that there had been "multiple explosions".
Several floors are on fire.
Journalists have found photos on Twitter and Instagram.
 A huge cloud of smoke rising from the building. 
The pressure of the explosion multiple windows are apparently 
gone to fracture.
The staff have been evacuated so far there were no injuries, according to the transmitter. The fire brigade is on site and is fighting against the
spread of fire, reported "FranceTVInfo". A helicopter is in use.

12:52 To the director of the public broadcaster on the radio announced that the program had to be interrupted in order to evacuate the workforce. 
"We have to protect the staff of this house now," he said into the microphone.

Are affected, according to the sender of the seventh and
eighth floor of the "Maison de la Radio". 
The reason for the explosions are still unclear. 
In a first reaction, the fire department told but,
in the building work going on at the moment would find.

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