Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Has an Ebola cluster already broken out in NYC?


(Bellevue Hospital, NYC (Photo Credit: Eden, Janine and Jim/Flickr)
(Bellevue Hospital, NYC (Photo Credit: Eden, Janine and Jim/Flickr)
NEW YORK CITY — I am not an Ebola expert by any means and don’t claim to be. But a few things seem to have been out-of-place in recent days that I simply just can not ignore.
First off, I have to say, judging by the initial public reactions of state officials, including both governors of New York and New Jersey regarding the Ebola virus and newly enforced mandatory quarantine measures, there is likely something they are not telling the public. However, this poses a very deep and perplexing situation as there is currently no concrete evidence to fully prove anything, other than what officials have already said.
Although I do think that is important to point out that numerous patients, at least 4, have been removed from the intensive care unit (ICU) at Bellevue Hospital, the most important and crucial sector of the facility, and have been moved to NYU Langone to “alleviate some of the demand” of “critical staff” while treating for supposedly only one patient, Dr. Craig Spencer, who has been confirmed to be infected with the deadly virus, as reported by CBS New York. However, CBS2 reported Tuesday that a spokesman from the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation maintained that the transfers were merely just to “free up staff” for Dr. Spencer’s care only and that they are not trying to “free up space” for more Ebola stricken patients.
So being a conspiracy-minded person myself I have to question first of all if I think they are telling the truth — which I don’t. And secondly, does this manuever made by Bellevue Hospital even make sense? Why would so many staff be need to treat one patient? And if that’s the case, won’t most hospitals soon become overwhelmed if clusters break out?
I now have to then take all of this yet one step further, questioning if hospital officials are indeed making more room for secretly admitted and infected Ebola patients or are they simply preparing for the inevitable?
Do the governors and health officials of New York City know something they haven’t told us yet? Why are they so adamant about a mandatory quarantine?
Bellevue Staff Consumed With Ebola Care, Transfers ICU Patients To NYU Langone — CBS New York
Bellevue doctors are so overwhelmed with Ebola cases they are transferring ICU patients to nearby hospital — Daily Mail
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